Constantia, Romania

It was a beautiful morning as we entered the Port of Constantia.  The skies were beginning to clear and it looked for the most part that it would be a good day for touring.

Our evening dining room table (#128) had formed the habit of gathering at a round table on the port side of the Lido for breakfast and conversation, and we were well into our daily ritual when the Easter Bunny appeared, complete with a large carrot.  We had great time.  Barbara broke out the small chocolate Easter eggs to share, as she had come prepared.

As soon as the ship was cleared, we gathered in the Show Room at Sea (Formerly the Queens Lounge) and waited for our tour to be called.  Soon we were on our way anxious to see how the country had fared after the 1989 overthrow of the brutal communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu.

The city still showed signs of harder times, but the folks we met that day had optimism.  Unfortunately I did not take many pictures, and none of the festival.  I think by now I am loosing my taste to constantly record my experiences. I know that Barbara’s enthusiasm had not dimmed a bit though, so we do have many more pictures of that day.

I think  the one thing I enjoyed the most was seeing the port and all the Naval vessels of many nations moored there.

Next: We visit Odessa, Ukraine, and freeze our tails off!

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