Home Again!!

We arrived home Friday afternoon the 20th.

After traveling all day on the 19th – Venice to JFK to Seattle, we crashed in our hotel bed at the Radisson SeaTac close to midnight.  After a leisurely morning of breakfast and re-packing we “shuttled” to door “Zero-Zero” at the airport and awaited the arrival of Dungeness Bus Line for our trip to Port Angeles.  I do intend to chronicle the rest of our voyage, but right now I/we are  in the process of recovering from jet lag and overwhelmed by tasks that need to be taken care of here at home.  They are pleasurable tasks, it just takes time to transition to being waited on and waiting on yourself.

In addition to the photos that I have posted on this blog, I am also in the process of adding additional photos to our account on Windows Live SkyDrive.  IF you wish to view them you may do so by  logging in to Microsoft SkyDrive.

Thanks for traveling with us on this epic journey of discovery, we hope you enjoyed sharing.

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