My Thoughts on Today

I know I promised to finish my blog on our three days in Istanbul, but these port intensive cruises take a toll on a person, plus the meals tend to make one lethargic and after a fine dinner and the evenings entertainment, I just feel like crashing.  Plus just the experience of being on the sea has a lulling effect similar to siting around a campfire with good friends and reflecting on life.

SO… I think I will finish the rest of the port blog entries after we get home, however as we cruised out of the Black Sea, through the Bosporus, past Istanbul and into the Marmara Sea I felt I have to express some personal feelings I had this afternoon.

One of my favorite television series from the 50’s-60’s was the wonderful production of “Victory at Sea”, especially the sound track that accompanied it.  So picture if you will the opening of each program where the theme music plays as a movie of a restless sea rolls by, that was exactly the scene from a starboard window as the state 6 sea and a 20-30 knot wind was caressing our aft starboard quarter.  As I watched, I took out my iPhone and selected track one of Erich Kunzel/Cincinnaati Pops “Selections from Victory at Sea” which is “The Song of the High Seas”,and includes the theme music.  As I stood listening, I moved to deck 12 and the crows nest and spread before me in a 180 degree view, was ship after ship proceeding ahead of us toward the Dardanelles full of goods for the world, or passing on our port side as they headed to the Black Sea for cargo.

As the album moved through the tracks, in my mind I began to visualize those ships as convoys of warships heading to a perilous destination as they carried the weapons of world war II to enemies who were threatening our freedoms back in the 40’s.  And I thought of the many families whose lives would be changed forever by unseen forces on unseen land and sea.  then it came to me that those members of the “Greatest Generation” gave their lives so that the ships I saw today, even the one in which I was sailing could pass safely as they carried their commerce around the globe to rich and poor nations alike. God help us if the terrorism we face today is allowed to take free men and women everywhere to that abyss again.

In closing I would like to acknowledge and give my thanks for the many kind comments made about my simple writings.  My wish is that all of you can someday experience the wonders that Barbara and I have been privileged to live out.

Tomorrow we begin the first of three visits to Greece, when we arrive in Piraeus/Athens.

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles” –Tim Cahill (courtesy HAL)
Those simple words exemplified our experience over the last 30 days.

4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Today

  1. Those were “deep thoughts” Jack—you have a way of making your reader “see” what you are looking at. Will miss the blogs–they were the first thing I looked for each day but will look forward to the “lengthy” story you’ll provide us when you get home. . . .the “rest of the story”. Enjoy your wonderful trip. Hugs, Connie Palmer

  2. Hi Barbara and Jack,
    I am following along on your trip and enjoying every moment. So jealous. Your description of the the rolling seas and “Victory at Sea” music brought it to life. Also enjoying the other site you recommended. Continue with wonderful times and fair seas. Barbara, please shop as that was always my favorite part of the trip. Sue

  3. I enjoyed your “thoughts” of today very much. When you describe something it’s almost like being there. You still get to look forward flying back to Seatac in the “wonderful” airlines, as they have evolved making them “better”. See you when you get home. Don’t forget to get some rest. You do need that too, you know. Hugs to both you and Barbara.

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