Three days in Istanbul–Well, almost

“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.”–  James Michener  (Courtesy HAL)

As I write this we have entered the Black sea and are headed to Constanta, Romania.  Every once in a while I glance out our stateroom window and marvel at the number of ships headed for the Bosporus straits loaded with cargo.

Our entry  into the port of Istanbul was not the sunniest of mornings.  Heavy smog lay over the water and a soft mist hung in the air.  I had to use Windows Live Photo Gallery to enhance the two following pictures.

Istanbul, Turkey (4) (800x594)Istanbul, Turkey (3) (800x600)

I am sure there are photos on the web that are much superior, but I work with what I’ve got.

As we entered the grounds of the Blue Mosque, I had to giggle at the couple in front of me as they both were taking pictures with their cell phones.  We had previously observed cell phone and cigarette use very prevalent in Turkey.

Istanbul, Turkey (28) (800x600)

The blue Mosque up close:

Istanbul, Turkey (31) (800x600)

Blue Mosque interior, can you find Barbara? Not the shoes on the shelf in plastic bags and everyone is in stocking feet.

Istanbul, Turkey (38) (800x576)

Multi-tasking building – Tourist Information – ATM – Public Toilets.  I guess the ATM was there so you could get money to use the public toilets – 1 TL  (Turkish Lira) per use.

Istanbul, Turkey (41) (800x600)

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One thought on “Three days in Istanbul–Well, almost

  1. It’s probably too late to send this, but yes, I did spot Barbara. I clicked on her and of course got a larger picture. Did all of the women HAVE to wear a scarf or something on their heads? I spotted one woman without. On the right. Of course it may have been a man. Beautiful place. I look forward to seeing Barbara’s photos.

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