Gozo, I name you the Garden Isle of the Mediterranean!

April Fools Day 2012

This morning started out strange – first our daily program had several articles/entries printed upside down and our “all aboard” was at 0630 hours for an early morning sail-away for Mgarr (victoria), Gozo, Malta, almost like catching the 0800 Coho for Victoria, as the island of Gozo was a mere two hours sail, away.  Here again words and pictures do not do justice to the beauty of what awaited us as we tendered ashore.  Sort of like a quote we had received some time before our arrival at anchorage – “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber (Courtesy of HAL).

Mgarr, Gozo, Malta (17) (800x598)The Port of Mgarr might be fairly rural if not for the ferry traffic at the port. Neighboring Mosta is only 5 kilometers away, and the agricultural area offers pretty country scenery.  The island just drips with history and myth and ancient stories.  Scores of locales were the secret destinations the quote spoke of, like the beauty of the spring flora flourishing next to and ancient wall of a stone building, near Calypso”s cave.


Or the feisty Geckos that wrestled for territory on the rock walls that bordered the rocky roadway that pointed one to the Stations of the Cross.

Mgarr, Gozo, Malta (38) (800x581)

Mgarr, Gozo, Malta (47) (800x600)

Mgarr, Gozo, Malta (42) (800x600)

Or the legends behind the building of the beautiful Church “Ta’ Pinu”.

Mgarr, Gozo, Malta (44) (800x587)

Mgarr, Gozo, Malta (57) (600x800)And of course how could I not mention  how the only part of a home, on a narrow winding street, one sees is the front wall, maybe a window or a beautiful doorway leading to an inviting courtyard or maybe just a lovely plaque or a planting to represent how this modest dwelling place is loved and cared for.


And then there is the surprise view of “our” lovely home awaiting at anchor in the harbor.


Mgarr, Gozo, Malta (61) (800x600)

Next:  Ephesus, walking in the footsteps of Paul

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