Transiting the Straits of Gibraltar

DSC07179 (800x557)

Above is the view from our stateroom window as taken the evening we started our transit through the Straits of Gibraltar. It was a great ride that evening – wonderful sleeping weather.

The following day I received this message (which included an image)from a good friend who has been following our blog.  Nick sailed with us from Seattle to Singapore in 2007 onboard the ms Amsterdam:

I captured this image from the Marine Tracking System at 10:30pm Sunday evening (your time), showing Prinsendam transiting the Strait of Gibraltar at 19.1 knots, on a heading of 075 degrees, enrout Melilla, Spanish Morocco. She’s reporting winds of 24 knots from off the starboard bow….giving you about 43 knots of wind across the decks! Prinsendam reporting an air temperature of 14C/57F.”

Prinsendam in the Straits (800x529)

Next Melilla, Spanish Morocco

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