Disappointment – Port Missed

After we left Funchal, Madeira, and our rescue at sea excitement, we wereDSC07050 (600x800)e scheduled to stop in Portimao, Portugal, on the Algarve Coast. Before our arrival, our Captain had advised that he would have to wait and see what the recommendations were from the pilot and the port authorities, because weather conditions were not favorable in the area.  Well we arrived the next morning at the scheduled time and I think this photo tells it all.  The ships bow is pointed directly toward the entrance to the Rio Arade in which we would have to sail up to reach the berthing area. Gale force winds would be beating on our starboard beam causing difficulties in navigation. So our wise Norwegian skipper took the sage advice of the port pilot (who was onboard) and  cancelled the port.  About a minute after the crewman hoisted the jack staff, he was ordered to take it down, and the course was set for Cadiz, Spain.  Our disappointment soon turned to joy as we realized that we would get to spend an evening strolling the lovely streets of Cadiz.

After another superb dinner with our friends, Barbara and I struck out to find the “Taberna Marques de Cadiz” on Calle Marquez de Cadiz # 3 and enjoy an evening of Flamenco Music and hopefully dancing. Barbara’s research indicated that this only took place on Friday and would start at 2200 hours, or 10 PM. After a bit of wandering the neighborhood it was located in and passing by it a couple of times, we made inquiries at a corner bar and one of the patrons happily pointed the way – no more than 75 feet away!  Speaking in our limited Spanish we made our inquiries of the proprietor and were assured (we thought) that, yes, Flamenco would start at 10 PM. Bueno!  Now all we have to do is stroll this fantastic neighborhood for two hours and we would be all set. Well, we returned at 9 PM, ordered a couple of drinks and got a good seat (the room was long and narrow with small stools and tables placed along the wall). and the small stage was adorned with guitars and chairs.  So there we sat… 9:30….10:00…10:30…11:00…finally at 11:25 a young British lady an ex-pat , with whom we had struck up a conversation, at our request asked the proprietor: “When will it start?” “Five minutes” was his reply.  And indeed it did.  IT was well worth the wait as the performance by these two young Spaniards was fantastic even though there was no dancing.

By now my bedtime had come and gone and my patience was at an ebb, so we bid our goodbyes around midnight.  By now the area round the bar was jammed with young men and women and we almost had to “swim” through to the open door to the narrow street outside.

The winds that were blowing when we left the ship had not abated and were stirring up all sort of debris from the street and closed shops garbage containers, but we were feeling great that we had indeed been witness to the “real Cadiz” night life.   However our spirits were dashed when we arrived at the gate to the port, with our ship just yards away only to find it locked!!!  We were not alone as several of the crew were in the same fix. Someone soon learned that the main gate was open about a half a mile back the way we had just come, which meant it would be another “hoof” back to the ship.  Yes we were pooped to say the least. Sad smile

Next: A wonderful shore excursion, which includes Flamenco Dancers.

3 thoughts on “Disappointment – Port Missed

  1. Hi J & B—Well travel is all about adventure and you’re certainly getting your share!!! HA put the pictures of the rescue on Facebook. Their pics were similar to yours. Anxiously awaiting your next “chapter”. Connie P.

  2. Hi you two. Such a beautiful place to “hoof it”, That is what is fun–to be able to get out and walk around. There is just no better way to see the sights. Otherwise so much is missed if you are riding in a bus.
    I made it to Sequim on Saturday to see the men’s Barbershop show. I picked up my friend Jerrie, but of course I had to wait for her. So, I went into her house and got my walker and took it out and put it in my car. She said it was too heavy for her, but I had no trouble picking it up. My arms are still strong, just my legs are getting weak, and back is in bad shape. But I can get around with it so much easier that with the walking stick. I had fallen twice last week, so I was determined to get it. Anyway my two daughters and the two friends which made up their quartet named “Aspire” were featured on the show, and they were WONDERFUL!!! I was so proud of them. They go to competition in Spokane the last week-end of April. They placed 3rd last year, so are hoping for higher. I won’t be able to go this year, but it is going to be televised live, so I will get to see it anyway. I had to get groceries when I dropped Jerrie off at 5:00 p.m., and didn’t get home till almost 8 p.m, so I was absolutely worn out. I had re-set my alarm so that I could make it to church this week, but apparently did it wrong because it didn’t ring, and I didn’t wake up until 1:00 p.m. today. So, now I can’t go to sleep tonight. Which is why I am up writing to you at 4:30 a.m.
    It sounds like both of you are having a wonderful time. Hope you are not having too high of seas tonight. By the way, what port did you miss and why? Guess I missed that posting. I supposed I had better try again to go to sleep. Best wishes to you both.

  3. Sorry about missing the posting about which port you missed and why. After writing the above post, I went back in to my e-mail and there you had already answered the question. The sea did look very rough. I’m glad you were able to go “strolling” anyway.
    Goodnight again,

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