Rescue at Sea

DSC07014 (800x555)Shortly after 0800 hours we were advise from the bridge that they had received a distress call that a fishing vessel (Dario)with eight fisherman onboard was sinking.  Since there were one freighter standing by on station (ms Equador Star) and one container ship on the horizon, the SAR center in Madeira had been contacted and was awaiting instructions.  By 0841 the crew of the vessel in distress shad abandoned their ship and were pulling away.  Shortly after, we were advised from the bridge that our crew would be assisting the sailors in their plight.  The Captain later advised that he had been authorized to assume the duties of the On Scene Commander. Around 0900 hours a SAR helicopter was seen approaching from the direction of Madeira.  By that tine the sailors and their personal gear (luggage) had been brought onboard. 

Our ship had been designated as the safest vessel from which the fishermen and theDSC07020 (800x596)ir gear could be hauled onboard the helicopter.  Our trained firefighters were quickly brought into action in the advent of an accident during the hoisting operation.

All passengers were advised to “clear the weather decks” for safety reasons, which some ignored at their own peril.   By around 1100 hours the crew and their gear were safely onboard the rescue chopper and headed back to their homeport of Funchal.  It was so sad to see the livelihood of these eight brave men drifting in the open sea.  This is just speculation on my part, but as I looked closely at the photos I took, one of the large vertical cargo hatches was missing from the port side and could possibly have been responsible for the flooding of the engine room.

DSC07024 (800x611)

DSC07028 (800x600)

DSC07038 (800x600)

DSC07033 (800x600)

Mission accomplished!!!

What’s next???

2 thoughts on “Rescue at Sea

  1. When you signed-on for this cruise, you forgot to read the fine print Jack! This is also a NATO Navy Search & Rescue deployment cruise! 🙂

  2. You find more interesting things to take pictures of. Keep up the good work. I have a big Verizon problem. Wende said you had it once but I must be getting old. I don’t remember. All day I have been getting calls from all over the US saying I was calling them. Not me. Verizon can’t tell me anything – they are investigating. How did your problem end? Gwen

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