Music, Memories and Laughter

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Finally on our 7th day at sea, we get some “weather”!! Barbara and I both love sea days, especially when the sea in it’s current state. It certainly adds excitement to one’s day. To the Prinsendam, this is a walk in the park, and to the majority of he passengers it’s business as usual. AS we listen to our mates around meals and hear of the extensive sailing they have done, it makes us feel like newcomers.  We had breakfast the other day with a couple who had been on this ship since December, and we going for another 62 days.  There are so many 4 **** Mariners that the laundry must be working over time.

Laughter; we have been blessed with such wonderful dinner mates that we are continually smiling or laughing.  As we listen to Bill’s “Tales of the Sea” it seems incredible, the life he has led over the past 41 years with HAL.  Even when he  and Robin retired they plied oceans and seas on their sailboat… with a cat and a squirrel as crew. Aubrey and Flo join in and tell stories on themselves as well.  Every evening someone boosts about what a wonderful time we have had, dining together.  We all enjoyed the wonderful Scottish Comedian who had us in stiches at the evening show.

Music;  During our Sunday Service we were once again blessed with testimony and music by one of our onboard entertainment acts, Den and Bobby West.  They also led the hymn sing.  Then again the evening show featured Gary Guthman who started playing the trumpet at the age of nine, and has continued for 50 years.  What a showman and virtuoso he proved to be.  Then every night  we are treated to the talented backup music of the Prinsendam Orchestra, and the Rosario Strings. A person could enjoy music some where on the ship from 5PM to Midnight.

Memories; In the mornings before most arise I enjoy walking the inside decks of our wonderful floating home.  I usually have my iPhone with me and I listen to “memories”. Sometimes being taken back to the time as a young teen by the music I listened to on the radio and 45 RPM records. Some memories are of the fellow passengers I sailed with  previously on this very ship, and the tables where we shared joy and laughter.

As and end note, while having my morning coffee in the Lido, I notice pretty much the same folks who have now settled into a routine and can be counted on a regular basis to “appear”.  I must also make mention of an elderly Asian Couple, who regularly “cruise” the fresh fruit and pastry island in the starboard Lido.  Yesterday we noticed that they had joined our CC Cabin Crawl, “because it looked like something to do”.

Next: Last Day of our crossing.

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