Stairwell Wall Art

Prinsendam Maiden Visit

I am not certain if every port celebrates the maiden visit of a cruise ship by presenting the ship with a commemorative plaque, but I suppose most do.  The plaque above was presented to the Prinsendam for their visit on the date recorded – Barbara and I and Lee and Gwen Porterfield were there for that auspicious occasion. It adorns the aft stairwell between decks 7 and 8.

The other stairwells read like a travelers who’s who. They range from the simplest to most elaborate, with some being just pure chest beating by local tourist organizations.

We were on the Prinsendam for her “Top of the World” sailing in 2010 we noticed noticed that Captain Albert was inaugurating this tradition.  Below is some of his handiwork:

Visit Plaques

Visit Plaques

This afternoon some members of our Cruise Critic group went on an organized “Cabin Crawl” and were treated to a viewing of the smallest to the most expensive accommodations.  We feel our cabin is quite adequate for the price. Cabin 008 is the penthouse suite and has two bathrooms, dining room, bedroom, large walk-in closet, and comes complete with concierge service and probably free luggage shipment, but books for  only one or two people.

Next:  Not sure, but I will come up with something.

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