Our Current Address

Royal Viking Sun (3) (800x212)

ms Prinsendam, originally commissioned the Royal Viking Sun, built in 1988 and first commanded by our present skipper, Captain Halle Gundersen, is represented by the model above. If you compare her to the present day picture in my banner, you can see she is as beautiful today as she was when she was launched.

When she was transferred to the Holland American Fleet, Captain Gundersen was able to transfer with her, and has had the honor to be commanding her throughout her years of service.

Along with other very competent skippers, she has sailed from North to South, East to West and safely carried her passengers and crew through some of the roughest storms our oceans have to offer.

Each commissioned vessel, from freighter to cruise ship, develop their own personality, and become almost a living breathing  entity.  At sea passengers must be prepared for what ever conditions lie off all quarters of the compass. At times she heaves, and rolls and creaks and pops  and rattles as the forces of wind and waves, and  running of internal machinery sing and ply upon her hull and rigging.

Then there is the human element; some who just enjoy the music she sings to them and then those who feel they will surely die if this “thing” won’t behave. Others think there is nothing on that flat expanse of interest to them.

Barbara and I love everything about sailing, especially on the ms Prinsendam.  In three short days we have been a part of amazing conversations with fellow passengers, especially those with whom we break bread.

Royal Viking Sun (2) (800x548)

Our new living/bed room, dining room can be seen in the above aft port quarter of the ship. Count four double windows from the stern in the “blue stripe” that’s our bedroom, on the deck above that and just behind the glass and the stairs is our dining room. with our assigned table for the evening meal behind where the glass windows start to curve to starboard. We have one of the smoothest rides on the ship.  This is our third cruise on the Prinsendam and we have been assigned in this same quarter of the ship every time.It is just mind boggling the scenes that have rolled past our windows.

2 thoughts on “Our Current Address

  1. Hi Barbara and Jack.
    Yes, she is a beautiful ship. Your description of where your cabin and dining table are, is very good. That makes it more personable, and makes me that much more envious.
    The rain is still coming down, hard at times, and there was some snow up on the mountain. Seattle has been very hard rain and lots of wind.
    I made it to choir rehearsal again, even though I had a hard time with my walking stick. We have a new soprano. She lives on the corner of 11th and C Sts so I took her home. She was very excited. I miss you Barbara. Robin has been lots of help for me, and I have enjoyed learning new songs too. I just wish that Ray wasn’t right behind me. His vibrato gets kind of hard to take sometimes. I wonder if Betty has spoken to him about it. It’s a good thing we all love him, or it would be even harder to take. In Barbershop, we are not allowed to have vibrato because a person cannot blend the harmony with someone whose voice does that. So, I have never had vibrato, although I can put it in if I want to, but don’t want to.
    How many days will it take you to cross the ocean? I still think I would rather fly over the ocean. Well, enjoy your dinners and hope you have smooth sailing. Miss you both, June

  2. Great ship. We are glad you are enjoying her.. We were on her January thru March in 2011, around South America and Antarctica.
    Keep posting and we will keep reading…

    Bruce and Jillaine Haight

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