MedEvac at Sea

As posted in my blog of 14 March 2012; In an unrelated incident, here on board, a passenger has fallen ill and will be taken ashore when we sail into Bermudan Territorial waters, estimated to be the evening around 22:00 hours.  The Captain assured us that this unscheduled stop would not change our original itinerary.

Here is that medical evacuation (MedEvac) in picture sequence that took place not long after the lights of Bermuda were sighted:

Passenger Transfer (4) (800x640)

10:05 PM – Pilot boat arrives off the starboard side of Prinsendam

Passenger Transfer (6) (800x598)

10:08 PM Maneuvers  along side.


Passenger Transfer (8) (579x800)

10:15 PM Makes read for transfer

Passenger Transfer (9) (574x800)

10:16 PM Transfer of passenger compl


Passenger Transfer (12) (600x800)

10:18 Luggage transferred

Passenger Transfer (13) (566x800)

10:19 Mission Accomplished!! And as it is evident by he bow wave of the pilot boat, the skipper spared no horses during the trip back to shore.

The bridge orders a 180 degree turn and back to OPS normal.

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