Getting to the Port – Across the Country


Our trip to SeaTac on Olympic Bus Lines was a breeze, it was so relaxing to have someone else fight the traffic and we were delivered right to the front door of the Radisson hotel for our overnight stay and early departure (6:05AM).

I must recommend  getting an early morning flight out of SeaTac as the only way to go.   Our Radisson Hotel driver delivered us right up to the Delta ticketing area, because it was so early and he could get away with it. Entering the area we noticed we were pretty much near the head of the short line – at 4 AM!   We stood there for a while waiting for the agents to arrive, only to be told that we would have to get our boarding pass and luggage checked at a different location – right across the room!  It seems that it is mostly DIY checking in now, at least with Delta.  I had also paid on-line for our three bags the day before as part of the DIY check in process.

While I love flying, I would rather do it in a smaller plane, but I must say Seattle to Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale was quite uneventful – until we arrived at Atlanta about a half hour late!!

I wish I could speak with the scheduler that thought it was funny to schedule a connecting flight at the same airport at the farthermost terminal – which seemed to be somewhere in a neighboring state!  Obviously we did make our connection…. with minutes to spare.  to illustrate;  say you arrived at SeaTac to catch a connecting flight and your plane landed at the main terminal but your connecting flight was at one of the satellites terminals, and you had just 30 minutes , or less, to get there only  to find your gate was the farthest away, and because they had switched planes  sometimes during the day, you had no seat assignments!  Then you get to the boarding gate and the attendant is moving at snail-mail speed, and to add to the comedy Delta was trying out (I suppose) a new system of boarding where passengers have to learn how to scan their own boarding pass. We left the gate a little late here as well.

On our flight to Atlanta we were plied with peanuts, pretzels, biscoti and sodas.  While Barbara read up on Istanbul,I passed the time listening to music and discovered that I was a fan of the group “Journey” and didn’t realize it – must of have been the music we listened to at the skating rink when the girls were growing up. Anyway, it was great remembering earlier times with Olivia, Fleetwood Mac and Journey, while we bored holes through the sky at 37,000 feet .

Traveling unescorted (sans Travel with Alan) comes with some surprises we are not used to, for instance; Motel/Hotels adding a “damage/hold” charge on your credit card which is returned later (hopefully),and  having to arrange your own ground transportation,etc… However one joy and convenience I  discovered was the versatility of my smartphone (iPhone), as I was able to book our seats on our Atlanta to Ft Lauderdale flight while on the “run to the gate”, using the Delta app.  Using the same app I was able to scan and track our luggage as it made it’s way through the system – way to go Delta!!  We didn’t mind the wait for our hotel shuttle, as it was refreshing to have that warm Florida breeze to keep us cool. (We were still dressed for NW weather)

After checking in to our hotel we found a very nice restaurant near by which featured authentic Cuban fare; “Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine” .  It turned out to be an excellent choice for dinner – our first taste of Cuba. We had an early bedtime and were lulled to sleep with the sounds of traffic on I-95 a hundred yards from our 6th floor window, which this morning presented us with a beautiful sunrise.

Breakfast is served, so I will wrap this up – we catch the shuttle to the port in just three hours so time is getting short and we are so anxious to finally be rejoined with our beautiful “home and sea”.


FYI: If you are having to suffer a commercial ad at the end of my posts, I did not put it there, WordPress added them in because I am too cheap to pay for a “Pro-Upgrade”.  Sorry.

2 thoughts on “Getting to the Port – Across the Country

  1. Glad to hear you made it safely to Fort Lauderdale, Jack!

    And, BRAVO ZULU to you for using a smartphone like your Iphone! They sure are helpful in this increasingly hectic and technical age! (I use a Windows Phone.)

    I see Port Everglades is lightly-loaded this morning with only Prinsendam, Maasdam, Liberty of the Seas and Silver Cloud inport. Should make for a relatively easy boarding process.

    Wishing you Fair Winds and Following Seas as you cross the Atlantic.


  2. Hi Jack and Barbara,
    We are so jealous of your voyage……haven’t sailed on anything decent since our trip with you in 2007 on the Amsterdam 64 day cruise.
    Have a wonderful trip and we will stay posted
    Ray and Sue Wood

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