Day of Departure – FINALLY!!

Our bags are packed and awaiting some last minute tweaking by my master packer – Barbara. Lists have been made and are gradually being “ticked” off.  All seems to be going well and we are anxious.  I probably got four hours of solid sleep last night – but there will be time for sleep later – on the bus – on the planes, etc.  I really wish the dreaded “Spring Forward” had come a week earlier as we have a 6:05 AM departure on Sunday!

Our sweet daughter-in -law Stacie  fixed a great “last Supper” last evening and we got to enjoy some Mason time, and his parents as well.  He will be six weeks older when we return.  They will take us to the bus here in Port Angeles around noon.

I have spoken before about the Cruise Critic group we usually travel with.  For this cruise I have stepped back and decided to sit on the sidelines.   The organization of over 90 traveling companions  has been undertaken by a very capable couple from West Palm Beach, Florida.  She has produced and distributed a picture directory which includes a thumbnail sketch of each individual couple or single traveler.  In addition they have been very aggressive in their passion to put together private excursions in most ports, thus saving themselves some big excursion bucks.  We are looking forward to meeting this dynamic duo at our first group gathering known as a “Meet and Mingle”, or “Meet and Greet”.  Other activities are planned for those who wish to participate, such as a “Casino Crawl”, “Cabin Crawl “, and group luncheons.

One lady in our group who goes by the Cruise Critic handle of KueenKaren, will be blogging for this trip and she has skills that put mine to shame.  She has made the link public on the thread and it can be found at:   Her style tends to include more pictures and graphics and I am sure you will enjoy following her view of our adventure.  Where as we get off in Venice on the 17th she will be staying on for the whole Grand Voyage, disembarking in Ft Lauderdale on May 13th.

My next post may not be until we are at sea on the 12th, so wish us “Fair Winds and Following Seas”.

3 thoughts on “Day of Departure – FINALLY!!

  1. Bon voyage, Jack & Barbara! Have a safe journey to Fort Lauderdale. I’ll be tracking you all the way once you get aboard the glorious Prinsendam!

  2. Fair Winds and Following Seas Jack and Barbara! So glad you are doing what you love and seeing the sights. Take care sweet couple!

  3. It is only 11:00am now so you are really getting anxious. Enjoy the bus ride and short stay at the hotel until such an early departure. We will be following along and wishing we were with you. Lee and Gwen

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