Prinsendam and the Cruise Industry–My Thoughts

This will be our third cruise on our beloved Prinsendam, as we have sailed to the north and south of the earth comfortably ensconced behind her walls of steel, surrounded by beauty and luxury, and coddled by a professional crew of over 400.  We feel honored to  be permitted on board as passengers, and we would sail with her to the ends of the earth, and know that she and her crew would bring us safely home.

In the above picture we sailed right up to the Polar Ice Cap. And below to the waters near Palmer Station Antarctica.

Palmer Station 054

Mankind is human, vessels are mechanical, accidents happen, sometimes beyond the control of any individual.  But it is what happens after an “accident” that bears out the true metal of man and machine. God forbid that if Barbara and I should be subjected to the horrors that took place recently, we would have full faith and confidence that we would survive, because of the dedication, and professionalism of the staff and crew of Holland America Ships.

2 thoughts on “Prinsendam and the Cruise Industry–My Thoughts

  1. Well said, Jack! I echo your faith in Holland America Line and her crews. Their exceptional level of training is evident on each and every cruise. HAL crews remind me of US Navy crews in their professionalism and dedication.

  2. I’m so glad my name is still on your list from last year—Now I’m trying to figure out which cruise you’re on. I so enjoy reading about your adventures. Hi to Barbara. Wish I were there too. Connie Palmer

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