The Long Trip Home–addendum

In my original post I mentioned that “as of this date” I had heard nothing from the president of Continental/United Airlines, well……In the mail on the 31st of May , today, I received a very nice letter from Continental’s Customer Care Manager stating that Mr. Smisek has asked that “I review your concerns and respond on his behalf”.  Concerning the Direct TV incident “and that  “Your comments will be included in a report that is distributed to senior management for internal review, as we continually look for ways to change and improve.”

Although neither did I ask for nor did I expect to receive remuneration resulting from my complaint, we did receive two Customer Care Kits which contained 1 Travel Discount Coupon for a “10% discount on any published fare anywhere Continental Airline flies”, and 1 Continental Currency  “for a choice of a premium beverage or $15 USD off onboard duty free purchases of $75 USD or more.”  I don’t know if we will ever fly Continental again but I will  keep these coupons with my travel documents, just in case.

So you see boys and girls, it does pay to let business know when your are dissatisfied.

Here are some pictures I took during our visit to Palermo Sicily:!194 

As you will see in the photos, I have a thing for Pilot Boats In love

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