Our Tunisian Visit–Special Report

We just spent a most enjoyable 8 hours in the city of Tunis and La Goulette, Tunisia.  The port where we docked is world class and I hope that more ships will add it to their itinerary.

We took an 8 hour tour with a Holland America group. At no time did we feel any fear or danger.  The Tunisian people, especially our tour guides  thanked us profusely for trusting to come to their country and of course for spending money in their much needed economy.  We found nothing but friendly and welcoming people, the salesmen in the Medina and Souks were pushy but not to the point where we felt threatened.  At times we  had to say no several times but we could not blame them, as this is their livelihood and their culture.  We probably spent more $$ than we normally would in a port but we felt if it was helping them, then what did it matter.  We had budgeted money for each port so we did not overspend, and since this is our next to the last port, there was extra for the Tunisians.

Our guide talked freely about what has been going on in  his country and was very candid in his manner, and positive for their future.

At no time did we see any demonstrations or fear on the face of those we met.  Lives seemed to be going on at  a normal pace and the streets and  highways were crowded with cars.  I think our visit reinforced my feeling about the American media and how they can exploit a country for their own gain.

IF you were worried, you needn’t have been.  We would love to see more of this poor country.

I will write more later.


2 thoughts on “Our Tunisian Visit–Special Report

  1. Jack and Barbara,

    I hope you arrived safely back to the comforts of home! And, I trust your journey aboard the beautiful Noordam was all you expected, and much more!

    Best Regards,


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