An Apology

DSC06557 (480x640)It is Monday the 16th of May, and our ship just dropped anchor in the waters of the Bay of Cannes, France.

To the left is Barbara’s latest acquisition from Barcelona. The background is the doors on one of our elevators. Doesn’t she look “smart”?

We are all okay, we had a port change yesterday due to rough weather in the Port of Santa Margareta, so we docked down the coast a few miles in the Italian city of Genoea, or Genova. (purported to be the birthplace of Christopher Columbus)  What a treasure day that was.

I feel I must apologize to my readers because of my lack of writing these last few days, this port intensive cruise is very exhausting, after being ashore all day, all we want to do is get a good meal and then relax for the evening.  We have  not even had the energy to take n the evening entertainment in the show lounge. We have one last sea day until we leave our floating home, on the 21st.Crying face

I do have a lot to share with you about Monte Carlo, Civitavecchia, and Genoea, but that might have to wait until we get home.

Today, since our HAL excursion to Provence and  Wine Tasting, got cancelled due to lack of interest we have to suffer taking a tender in to Cannes and tolerate the day walking and shopping. (Translate that into sore-feet day for Jack)Angry smile

By the way, we do have excursion tickets for a HAL tour of 8 hours seeing the “Best of Tunis” and we feel very comfortable about that,so don’t worry.

Next: Not quite sure Embarrassed smile

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