At Sea-Excitement & Lunch

Beautiful bow wavesAs we were completing our “Lunchtime Sweets”we felt a “bump”Surprised smile, and as we were walking back to our stateroom, the Captain came on the PA system to let us know that we had lost power to both electric driven Azipods, and that we were now without power to propel the ship, but stabilizers as well.  The loud bump we felt was a wave slamming into the stern.

The picture to the right is a beautiful combination of sea and foam that Is left behind by the time the bow wave reaches the stern.  The blues are so beautiful.

DSC06124 (640x480)

Above is our wake when cursing at around 16 knots, note that only the starboard  Azipod is sat full power.

DSC06140 (640x480)







Our wake with no power

After about twenty minutes, the problem had been solved and we were back underway at 16.4 knots and back to our original heading of 094 degrees.  When we were adrift, the captain had maneuvered the ship to a heading of 116 degrees to avoid running parallel to the wave troughs, thus ensuring the ship roll was minimum.  I presume that was accomplished using the bow thrusters.

Chocolate Napoleon Desert

Chocolate Napoleon (No sugar added)

That’s the excitement for the day, we just moved our clocks ahead one hour – the ships version of “time warp”.

For those who are  getting on the Noordam on the 14th of May and may be reading this, the ship is still scheduled to stop in Tunis, and are taking bookings for shore excursions..

DSC06133 (459x640)

Barbara enjoying her chilled  pumpkin soup at lunch. Sick smile

Now:   Back to my nap Smile

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