Sea Days–Down Time

It is so great to get back to sea and not have to worry about being at a certain place at a certain time, especially if that place and time involves going on an excursion for which one has paid good money.

Arthur at workI won’t bore you with another picture taken from our balcony/verandah, but I have to mention that was very special.  Today I want to feature a young Pilipino crew member who has the enviable task for all the flower arrangements around the ship.  His name is Arthur and his work, which I have shared here before is spectacular.

Today was the Noordam Morning Market by the Lido pool where I took the following pictures:

Arthur's work









Towel Animals by pool on Morning Market

There were also room  stewards folding towel animals and putting them on display by the pool.

Marzipan roses and fruit

Above – Marzipan fruit and flowers

Our third Cruise Critic meeting was held this morning as scheduled. We had a great discussion on our last port and talked about the importance of avoiding being a target in the upcoming ports, especially Rome.

Have I shared with you that having a verandah stateroom while at sea, the sounds when you step onto the verandah is like that sound one hears at the beach?  It really is, especially this close to the bow, because as the ships bow wave crests, it’s like waves breaking on the shore.

That’s all for today – time for my nap. Sleepy smile

One thought on “Sea Days–Down Time

  1. Ahhhh, yes, the wonderful sounds of the sea….as the waves break from the bow of the ship, it DOES sound just like being at the beach in one of those forward verandah cabins. I was in cabin 5020 aboard Noordam, and the sound was gloriously soothing. We’ll be in 5040 on Nieuw Amsterdam. Do you see “malice of foresight” here? 🙂

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