AT Sea–Twenty-Three Hour Days

Master, NoordamThis morning we woke to calm seas, with just a gentle roll, the one that makes ne want to stay in bed and be gently rocked back to snooze-land – can’t waste a precious minute in bed because t o day only has 23 hours!!!  For the past few hour-jumps the staff or someone made the decision to jump ahead at 2 PM rather than when we are sleeping – so as we sail eastward we are loosing one hour a day – which means  NO SLEEPING IN! Crying face

By the way here are the stats for 9 AM Noordam time at 38 degrees North, 34 degrees West give or take a few minutes – our heading is just a little off due east at 095 deg. – wind is off the Port Quarter at 20 knots – temperature is 55 deg. – we have traveled 2558 nautical miles since leaving Port Lauderdale on the 28th of April.  You can Google what our statute miles are because I haven’t a clue.

Update: I was not able to send this out earlier because of maintenance on the system, and of course the navigational information has changed – Wind 6 knots of the port quarter, course is 095 deg. ships time is 9:30 PM and the temperature is 57 deg. The sea is fairly calm with a gentle roll due to  sizeable rollers.

This morning Barbara and I attended a couple of classes in the Digital Workshop and gained some valuable knowledge on the use of Microsoft’s “Windows Live Photo Gallery”.

Todays featured photo is of the good Master of the Noordam; Captain John Gerald Scott. His wife, Susan, frequently sails with him and has written a book “Behind the Scenes”  with the Deck & Technical departments, entitled “Driving the Hotel”.  We purchased a copy which the captain kindly autographed to Chief Cummings.

Good  News, our laundry came back today — all of it, and almost everything was folded properly and the t-shirts were hung on hangersSurprised smile  Looks like we have a winner here.

We had enjoyed another great production by the Singers & Dancers, These young peopled are so talented.

Towel Bunny (4) (800x591)

When we returned to our cabin after dinner, our little towel bunny was waiting for us. That’s our balcony just beyond the Verandah doors.

Good Night

Next: Our Port of Call in Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, Azores

One thought on “AT Sea–Twenty-Three Hour Days

  1. Hi! What are the things that are on the paper right in front of your towel bunnie? Are they 2 cookies? I have never received anything when I came back from the nightly show, except the towel animals, which I absolutely adore. They are sure spoiling you, aren’t they?
    Keep up the reports. June

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