Sea Days–Cruise Critic & Laundry Day

Today we had an interesting Cruise Critic meeting, it wasn’t as well attended as our Meet and Greet on the 29th, but my experience reminds me that for subsequent meetings this is the usual case.

We were treated to an excellent “Travel Forum” by one our more experienced Cruise Critic Members who’s logon is WAVTAM.  Wayne and his wife Trudy have cruised over 70 times since they got hooked in the 80’s.  To maximize their travel dollar, they learned a ton of tips  and graciously shared them with our group, including a six page handout which included these tips.  Wayne covered; cruise ships, hotels, & air travel, insurance and all the web sites that offer the best “bang for your travel buck”.  So on future cruises, if you log on to the cruise critic roll call for that cruise, and WAVTAM is there, you will be traveling in great company. Thanks so much Wayne and Trudy.

I also need to offer a word of thanks for the way the staff of the Noordam have treated our Cruise Critic Group. For everything I asked for, the word was either “Yes” or “By all means”.  We have even been treated to Mimosas and Bloody Mary drinks each time.  In fact I just received a call from the Events Manager, Deborah Meador, here on our elegant explorer wanting to know if everything was okay for our group this morning.  I had also asked her if she could arrange for a larger room for our May 18th meeting and she is working on request that with shore side services in Seattle.

Moving on…….Laundy Day

Today was laundry day, if you are familiar with how we  have done our laundry on past cruises, this is the easiest.  In our closet is a little blue bag (see picture) that you can used to  “stuff” as munch laundry in that you can, the cost is only $20.  Would you believe that our first bag contained: 32 pieces some of which was, underwear for a week, two pair of jeans , five pair of socks, two tops and a nightgown. I think Barbara learned how to “stuff” bags from her two boy scouts.

That’s it for today, got to go to a three o’clock interview with the Captain John Scott by the Cruise Director….

We are 6 hours ahead of West Coast time now, this is being sent at 4:30 PM, present temp is a balmy 59 degrees, the sea  is smooth with a Port Quarter wind of 28 knots. Current location is 38 North, 40 West, on an almost due east course of 87 degrees.

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