At Sea–Stormy Weather

I have had some requests so….

Present  conditions @ 9:39 AM (West coast 6: 39 WM: course 091 degrees (due east) speed 19.7 KTS, apparent wind on the starboard qtr. 49 KTS, temperature 64 degrees.

Before I tell you about the storm we are currently sailing through, I want to quote an  entry in the Plan of the  Day for May 2nd entitled “Atlantic Crossing TV Coverage”:

Reception for our TV system comes from satellites geared for coverage over land masses. Although the satellite footprint does extend into many sea & ocean areas, it does not cover all the way across the Atlantic.  as a result, we will likely lose our signal over the next few days … Thank you for understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience. So if I am unable to post my entries for a few days, I hope you will understand.

Now onto the good stuff…

When we retired for the night the seas were relatively calm, but during the night we had obviously sailed into the path of a fairly significant storm.   I woke up several times after midnight with the wind, created by a pressure differential, whistling around our verandah door. and  if other staterooms nearby opened their verandah doors, an  intense whistling could be heard. This is an entirely new and novel experience for us, as we have never had the “privilege” of a verandah or balcony cabin. During this storm, the wind is blowing from  our starboard quarter, thus creating the phenomenon, I guess. I am writing this a 9:30 Am and the wind has diminished to 39 KTS, but when we got up around it was 55-56 knots, and of course accompanied by small rollers and white caps.  This is just the kind of weather I was hoping for, and Barbara is enjoying it as well.  I am impressed with what a “sailor” she has become.  No seasickness,Sick smile no patches,just enjoyment.Nyah-Nyah

No pictures today – I need to send this out before we loos comms.Hot smile

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