Art and the Stormy Sea

Since I did not include pictures of our  conditions this morning here are a few from my morning tour around deck.  I included some of the fabulous artwork that is present in all of Holland Americas Cruise ships.

This is a very large Delft tile representation of the Holland America Logo depicting the 100 year transition from “Sail to Steam”

On the forward staircase landings are paintings by Captain James Card, here is the Noordam.

The Angry Sea, looking forward on the Port (leeward) side of the ship.

The boiling waters of our wake, note the churning of the twin azipod electric driven props.

On the wall of the forward elevator landing on deck 4 are reproductions of flowers and marble and precious stone as they appear at the Taj Mahal in India 

In the atrium is the Crystal Centerpiece made by Waterford.  It took six months to create and it was done entirely by hand in the Waterford workshops in Ireland.  To give you and idea of the size -  it weighs several tons!

The seas outside our verandah are still running heavy with a pretty consistent 40 knot wind blowing  off our starboard quarter.

Barbara and I enjoyed breakfast in  the Lido and were joined by Bill and Marge Pieratt.  They also informed us the another Port Angeles resident is sailing with us and Alan, former Judge Gary Veile and his wife.Surprised smile

One thought on “Art and the Stormy Sea

  1. Jack,
    Did you know Bill & Marge were going to be on your cruise? I just finished a mystery book by local artist, Aaron Elkins, called A Deceptive Clarity. It is about a art dealer going to Germany and over seeing an art display. The story is about all the art returned from the Nazi, then here you show some of the art aboard ship. Enjoy your blobs.

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