Sea Days, Oh how I love thee!!–Mornings

It’s seven in the morning and I have just returned from my early morning rounds of the ship..  I love early mornings on a cruise ship, especially one as lovely and exciting as the Noordam, or Prinsendam or Statendam or one of our the “Dam” ships we have sailed onboard. We are definitely hooked on Holland America.

As I left the Lido (deck 9) and took the outside glass elevator to what I thought was the Promenade Deck, I was surprised when I was delivered to the “lower” Promenade deck – oops, my mistake.  Oh well back to the elevator.  It is so nice to exit onto the outside deck to feel the water from the early morning wash-down gently caress ones balding head!  That’s all part of the ship waking up. After a quick “step” once around the Promenade, I returned to our lovely cabin, retrieved my camera and Barbara’s coffee mug and retuned to the Lido for some breakfast (avoiding all the temptations of the prepared food line) had my usual dry cereal and, coffee and juice, and proceeded to document what I saw in pictures. Too the left you might be able to make out the early morning glow of dawn out the window.  The sky was beautiful with just a sliver of the crescent moon and a couple of stars, with puffs of fluffy clouds punctuating the horizon.



The  Lido abounds in beautiful orchids on practically every table  no matter if it is a table for two six, or eight and they are all just exquisite. Large urns filled to the brim with beautiful fresh flowers can be found throughout the ship

Other things that I enjoy besides the beauty of the setting, are the preparations by the staff, for the morning rush of breakfast seekers. Some not quite awake others back from a few turns around the deck, but all greeted with a smile and good morning by the crew.  O, how I have missed this……..

2 thoughts on “Sea Days, Oh how I love thee!!–Mornings

  1. Jack —

    Thank You for bringing us aboard! Your recent blog entries have made me feel like I am right there…back onboard the beautiful Noordam! (And those glass outdoor elevators are something, huh?!)

    Sailing with you in spirit……


  2. That is a beautiful dining room. Did you leave one wrist watch on PA time? Drop a hint now and then about what time you are seeing things compared to us follow alongs back home. The one thing I enjoyed most was the time changes. It shows us just how big this old world is. Love being along with you.

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