Sea Days, O How I love Thee!!–Activities

A phrase commonly heard from people who have never cruised: “What would I do all day on a ship at sea?”  or  “There’s nothing to do!”.  Well let me name a few – there’s decisions to make every few hours as to what to eat, amongst the varied menu selections, then there are endless presentations of trivia, sports challenges (for young and old), endless bridge tournaments, Digital workshops, excursion presentations, exploration speakers, eating, cooking classes,and that is just in the morning hours…One can even take dance lessons. Today I dropped in on the ships resident florist who was giving a demonstration on flower arranging.  Incidentally this young man is responsible for taking care of all the beautiful flower displays throughout the ship.  The orchid pictured here was located in one of the elegant men’s rest rooms.Surprised smile

I must mention one problem that we have experienced so far this cruise – 23 hour days – yep, as we travel eastward we will be loosing about an hour a day.  The ship surprised us today by moving the clocks forward one hour at 2 PM!  Now we have to eat an hour early…..probably better than loosing an hour sleep. by my Azores time,  it appears we still have four more time changes.

This evening the dining room staff helped Barbara celebrate her birthday (the would have done it on her birth-birthday but she wasn’t onboard then) So with our table mates participating here is the scene: (Note that she is recording their tribute on her camera)












After the dinner we adjourned to the Vista Lounge and enjoyed a very fine production

by the Noordam singers & dancers of the Ballroom Blitz.

We returned to our room by way of the “Glass Elevators” and were treated to this glorious Atlantic Sunset.

Per a request from my good friend in Port Angeles this edition will be post at 10 PM ships time and 7 PM  Port Angeles time.  In case that sounds a little strange, we are sailing on a great circle route to the Azores.

2 thoughts on “Sea Days, O How I love Thee!!–Activities

  1. Hi ,
    So far the flowers are gorgeous, and as per usual you are keeping us up to date with your many activities. I am so jealous. wish Barbara a very happy un-birthday. Keep sailing and having fun

  2. Happy Birthday, Barbara. It looks like you had a good one. Reminds me of when we celebrated Johnie’s birthday on our trip thru the Panama Canal. That girl really made Johnie feel special. We had such a good time even with the storms, thanks to my patches, and then your patches when mine were gone. Must go now.

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