Our days continues with our first Cruise Critic Meeting

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Since we cruised on the Amsterdam in 2007 I have noticed a marked change  in the importance that Holland America that places on cruisers who are active participants on the cruise critic boards/threads/roll calls.  That importance was very apparent this morning during our cruise critic meeting  Our venue in the Captain’s Corner of the Crows nest was reading and waiting when Barbara and I made our appearance at 10:30 AM.  The Assistant Beverage Manager, Marthinus, and his staff were set up and ready for any last minute changes we wanted to make.  I did ask for a stand for my paperwork and a table for the name  tags to be spread out on and those requests were immediately honored.

Shortly before 11 AM  our members started getting their name tags and immediately the place was abuzz with conversation. Shortly after that Mark Pellis, the Hotel Manager and Cruise Director Andrew Smith arrived to greet those in attendance, followed by bar staff personnel with trays of Mimosas and Bloody Mary drinks.

Mark Pellis, Hotel Manager speaking to our group, he is very animated so it was hard to get a clear picture.

During Mark’s presentation the 10:00 AM dance class started  carrying the music and the instructors directions throughout the venue.  As I  later learned someone on the staff had changed their schedule without coordinating it with the Event Manager,; Deborah Meador.  The problem was. after some delay, rectified and we were able to carry on.  I must say I was amazed at Mark’s  and Andrew’s aplomb in going with the flow.  Rather than a distraction it served as an excellent icebreaker, and proof that not everything comes off as planned.

It was , in my opinion, a very successful first gathering, as veteran cruisers kept me on track by their suggestions – thank you.  Murray and Ro, if you are reading this please know that Paula & Bernie (beachpebbles) volunteered to head up the Casino Crawl, and received an enthusiastic response to the sign-up sheet that was passed around.  Thank you for he idea and I wish you two could have been here to participate.

Cruise Director, Andrew Smith – BTW,  Andrew is an Ausie

I did not take a count of the number of our group who attended, but by the missing nmae  tags and my unofficial memory count around 50 of our group were there.

CC Meeting Apr 29 (9)

Have a “Madera My Dear”? Or how about a Mimosa or Bloody Mary.Nyah-Nyah

Thanks to Barbara, and her ever present camera, I am able to share these photos

Next: Sea Days, Oh how I love thee!!

One thought on “Our days continues with our first Cruise Critic Meeting

  1. What beautiful photos!!! Hey Jack, are you heading up the Cruise Critic group? It sounds like it. I have never been aware of any groups like that except when we “did the Panama Canal with both of you. The verbage is very good. Especially you described the sky and the clouds. It sounds like I am reading the first couple of pages of a very good novel. I know you will have fun. I am sitting here being very jealous. Much Love to both of you.

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