The Waiting Game Part II

Palmer Station 062Continuing … Once the decision is made to accept and “Travel with Alan” offer, we still continue to read (and Barbara prints out) the weekly email to see if there is a better choice.  Another choice we have with Alan, is switching to a more attractive cruise without loosing anything. Several deadlines are met and then the waiting starts, anticipating what fantastic excursions HAL and TWA will offer.  Barbara is already deep into her research mode and pretty much knows how to spot the best.  I just defer to her since she spends so much time in research. (Barbara is pictured enjoying the views of fabulous Antarctic scenery from the decks of the ms Prinsendam in 2009.)

One of her prime resources of  information is CruiseCritic.Com and the wealth of information that is posted therein.  People who love to cruise, love to share, especially on the various boards.  One thing I find fascinating at evening meals onboard, are the seemingly attempts for tablemates to “one-up” each other, concerning cruising experiences.  But what better place to do that than onboard.  Try that at home and you get the “deer in the headlights” stare.   We always try to book a table for no less that six and and if possible one for eight.  By and large we have been blessed with great conversationalists.  Two folks from our last cruise have expressed a desire to join us on our April  “Quest for the Mediterranean Sun”.

Determining what we want to do in each port can be a daunting and “conflicting” task, as so much is offered, and of course cost is also a big factor.  Normally TWA tours offer more bang for your buck than ship tours do. Sometime we just want to go with the flow of what the port has to offer aside from shore excursions, and sometimes we are just too exhausted during “port intensive” cruises for another long group excursion day. Check out our itinerary to see how we have resolved our “conflictions”. Surprised smile

The frustrating unknown is Tunis and that no one is saying anything concerning our scheduled visit there in May.  We will no doubt have to wait and see after we get onboard; and then we may be several days into the cruise before we find out.

The final piece of our travel package came yesterday with our flight information.  That’s another thing we love about cruising with Alan – he makes sure your travel is arranged from your nearest airport to your port of departure and back home.  All transfers are taken care – and he makes your transitions as seamless as possible.  In our case we will have an early morning departure from SeaTac and an evening arrival when we return.  Alan covers that as well, as he has his staff book a room at a motel near the airport which includes free parking for the time we are gone. We love this extension of our adventure.  

Now, as in the past, the days to departure will drag by……but that only makes the journey that much sweeter.

Next:  The Cruise Critic Roll Call Group

2 thoughts on “The Waiting Game Part II

  1. Jack — I so enjoyed your right-on-the-mark observations about preparing for cruising….and cruising in general….in both parts of your “Waiting Game” entries. In fact, I took your advice and have signed-up to receive Alan’s weekly emails. I sense I have a cruise with Alan in my future!

    1. Nick, we are glad you signed up with Alan, I think you will see something n the future that will appeal to you. Thanks for reading and your nice comment.

      Stay tuned,


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