Bergen – Second Day

Our second day in this beautiful city dawned with a promise of beautiful weather.  Since we were due to sail in the early afternoon, Barbara and I decided to make the best of an early morning stroll to the downtown fish market and browse the shops along the way.  The above photo is looking toward the seaward entrance of the harbor where our beautiful ship was docked.  On the right are the famed Hanseatic League  Merchant’s buildings.  These would require a more closer inspection after we explored the famed Bergen Fish Market.  Barbara had still not found he perfect Scandinavian sweater and she was sure one of those shops would have just what she was looking for.

As we departed our elegant home at sea and crossed the street the busy waterfront street and entered the walls of Bergenhus, we caught a backward glance of our crew getting ready to perform ongoing port maintenance.  Since it was early in the day, we were able to stroll through this old part of the city with just a few other early risers. As I passed through later, it was a sea of visitors from our own and newly arrive ships passengers

I have always been enamored by the many old walls of the European cities we have visited.  Here, Barbara marvels at the beauty of Haakon’s Hall which was built during the reign of King Hakon Hakonsson between 1247 and 1261.

Stalls in the Fish Market were still setting up as we wandered through on our way to the main square and the city tourist information center.  We had hoped that they would have a public toilet, however we were told to go to the pay toilets across the main thoroughfare.  We decided to “hold it”.

We gradually worked our way back to Brygen which is the section of the old city where the very first buildings were built along side the wharf.  These buildings now tilt from side to side and rely on each other to “shore” them up”.

One more look at the Fish Market on our way …

To explore the shops in the the narrow passageways between the buildings of Bryggen…

We did find a public restroom… in the beautiful world class Bryggens Museum..  Since we had been on foot all morning, Barbara and I agreed that I should make my way back to the ship for lunch while she continued her quest.

On my return, I couldn’t resist getting one last photographic memento of Bergen, Norway….

Our beautiful weather continued as we sailed at 2:45 that afternoon.  We will never forget the beauty of this part of Norway.

That evening as we were preparing to dine, I noticed the ships Executive Chef – Klaus, and I knew from previous experience that he loved to visit with passengers, so I motioned for him to visit our table.  Since we knew he had visited the commercial Fish Market that day, we asked him if we were having fresh fish on the menu that evening.  He then proceeded to regale us with (fish) tales of how much better Norwegian Salmon and fish are compared to that of the Northwest.  Little did he know that our table consisted of four couples from Washington State. Friendly bantering ensued until he remembered that he had more important  things to do in the kitchen.  🙂  We did, however, dine on scrumptious fish dishes that evening.  I particularly enjoyed the fish and chips.

Next: Kristiansand, Norway

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