Good Morning Sir, Good Morning M’am

     As we go about our daily routine, these are the words spoken by every crew member we meet.  Also every passenger you meet seems to have a good morning or good afternoon. Such is what we have to put up with as we sail.

    I had all the good intentions of keeping this blog up to date, however the last three ports happened one after another and we have hardly had time to catch our breath.  We have had susnshine every day it seems, uncharastic for a cruise of this length to this part of our world.  The next two days will also be filled with activities, so catching up will have to wait until we get home.  Today  we have to stuff everything back in our four bags and get ready for an early morning arrival tomorrow in Amsterdam.

     One final word for now – it has been a fantastic cruise.  Think “Fair Winds and Following Seas” for the past twenty days.

Bye for now, enjoy this picture of me onboard the Polar Explorer “Fram”

3 thoughts on “Good Morning Sir, Good Morning M’am

  1. You are such a fabulous writer, I enjoy reading your blog. I can hear the water and the wind…Enjoy you two, see you soon.

  2. Thank you, Jack, for sharing your wonderful journey with us! I know how much effort goes into keeping-up a top-notch blog like this. Your words and pictures made us feel “there”!

    Wishing you and Barbara a safe and gentle journey home.

  3. Thank you for the Birthday Wishes. Bob and I had a nice weekend. The weather was too hot. Did not look to see how hot Sat., too much going on. Coming home Sun. Aug. 15, it was 100 in Centralia & Shelton. Thank goodness for air conditioning in the car. Racheal Bailey went down to the river and fished all afternoon. Les was trying his darnest to help her catch a fish, but no luck. Renie & Deb went down to the river and put their feet in the river to cool down. Deb got an old washtub and put cold water in it for me to soak my feet. It really helped to cool me off. The cool scarf did not work. We had a nice visit with family and friends. Frank & Majlis came down. Can’t wait to see all your pictures Barbara.

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