Celebrating Gracie Gail’s Birthday

     On August 3rd 2010 a brand new member of our family came into this world, bringing with her love, joy and a promise of a better world.  Gracie was born on her Great Great Grandfathers 114th birthday, although he is gone he will never be forgotten.

Gracie Gale 8-3-2010

      This evening at the conclusion of our very elegant dinner, we celebrated her birth with a cake and a rousing “Happy Birthday” song that was sung by many of the Indonesian Stewards in the La Fontane dining room.  All around our table, clapping to the song and celebrating with us were other moms and dads, grandmas and granddads who hold new life as a precious gift from God.  It was also a bittersweet moment for the many crew of our ship who have wives and children waiting for them at home.



     Rest well little one and know that you are so loved.


Great Grandma and Great Granddad Cummings,from somewhere on the Norwegian Sea.

6 thoughts on “Celebrating Gracie Gail’s Birthday

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!, Jack & Barbara — and to the whole Cummings Family — on this blessed event.

  2. Greetings Jack and Barbara,
    We’ve enjoyed reading of your travels. They have brought back many wonderful memories so we feel we have been right there along with you.
    Congratulations on the new baby. She is a blessing from God and you will be a blessing to her in years to come.

  3. She is a doll. You did not say who’s baby she is, but hope she lives in Washington and you and Barbara will see her often. Congratulations!!

    Do you read your e-mails while on the cruise?
    Wondering if you got information I sent out about Margaret P.

    1. Thank you, Yes we do read our emails every day when we have service. Gracie is our daughter Joni’s grand daughter – she lives near Baltimore.

  4. Yes, Gracie is a Doll. But then, I would expect her to be beautiful. By the way, I DO agree to share my birthday with her. I was born August 3, 1938. I’m an old lady, but I agree to share.
    I just booked my girl friend Jerrie Tiderman and I into a Western Caribbean Cruise with Alan set for December 4th, on Royal Caribbean’s ship “Voyager of the Seas”. I’ve never been on a Royal Caribbean ship, but Alan has nothing but good to say. When did his company change names to Travel Leaders? Is this Alan’s own company? Or do you know?
    See you when you return. Love, June

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