Welcome to Akureyri, Iceland

     During the evening and night of the end of July we once again sailed the Denmark Strait and in the early morning hours of August 1st, we turned south and entered Eyjiaf Fjord at which end the second largest city in Iceland is situated.  Near the entrance to the harbor we picked up our pilot who assisted Captain Albert in docking the ship at a location very near to the heart of the city.


     Today our ‘Travel with Alan’ shore tour would take us deep into the mountains to another beautiful waterfall.  As we motored through the countryside in a very comfortable tour bus, I kept marveling at the similarities to the valley where I grew up in Colorado; the San Luis Valley.  The rivers and hills reminded me so much of the La Jara Canyon and the crystal clear Conejos River that flowed down the Conejos Canyon.  What follows are pictures of that memorable day.

Akureyri,-Iceland-035  Akureyri,-Iceland-038

 Akureyri,-Iceland-049 Akureyri,-Iceland-051

These ‘turf’ houses  have incredibly thick walls, and are situated toward the sea.


The above scene particularly with it’s clear air, farmlands and snow topped mountains reminded me of my childhood home.


Icelandic Horses have never been crossbred.  Once a horse leaves Iceland, it can never return, and no other breeds are allowed to be imported.

     This was our last port but I will never think of Iceland the same way again.  It is just an amazing country.

Next: Our Journey into the Land of the Midnight Sun.

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