Welcome to Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik,-Iceland-050      Wow, Iceland, nothing close to what we imagined it would be. As shown in our pictures in this blog, Reykjavik is a modern city.  I know Barbara did extensive research before we came, but nothing prepares one for the real thing.  As you can read in my description of our tours, we scheduled the 8 hour “Golden Circle Tour with lunch”, as did the rest of the passengers on the two visiting cruise ships did.

     I think the most interesting stop on our tour was to the location where the first Icelandic  Parliament met in the year 930 AD!!!  It was here that the slowly diverging tectonic plates of America and Europe meet, and is the only place on the planet that this is visible. It must be visited to get the feel of the full scope of the place.  At the bottom of the rift, a flag pole has been erected on the spot of the first “reading of the laws” took place.  Our dismay turned to delight upon seeing the hordes of people on the scenic overlook move along down the trail into the rift, giving us “elbow room”.Reykjavik,-Iceland-063


Reykjavik,-Iceland-075      Upon our arrival at the Geysir Hotel, we moved quickly through the buffet line and soon were on our walk to the geyser area.  Since the geyser did not erupt on schedule, it was necessary to stand with you camera ready to get the perfect picture.  It was weird to see folks standing so close to the “blow hole”, some did get wet.  One interesting dish at the buffet was sliced roasted whale meet.  Barbara said her piece was tasty but was chewy like leather.  I did not partake.

Reykjavik,-Iceland-113   It is amazing to see how much of the Icelandic infrastructure is built around ongoing volcanic activity.  It is like living with a beast in your back  yard.  Close to 100% of all public and private buildings are heated by geo-thermal water, and much of their electrical power is produced by geo-thermal steam the comes from deep Reykjavik,-Iceland-106bore holes.  In addition, each ccommunity has their heated swimming pools and mineral hot tubs, in which they swim or soak on an almost daily basis.  I don’t know if they have found the “fountain of youth” but if the beautiful facial skin on our tour guide was an example, I would say they have.   Inka is the mother of three children, the oldest of which was 30, and she did not look much older than 40, as shown here between two ladies in our group.

     I am pictured her at the lower viewing level of the beautiful waterfall of Gullfoss.Reykjavik,-Iceland-061

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