Satellite Coverage

     As we sail farther north, the ship is having satellite reception challenges, so this may be my last posting for a few days, but  I wanted to share one very neat picture of our visit to Vigur Island near Isajfordur, Iceland.  My sister Jean and her family lived in Kenai Alaska years before her death and she fell in love with Puffins.  When you look at this photograph maybe you will se why.Isafjordur,-Iceland-090

     Enjoy and see you in a few days………………………………..

3 thoughts on “Satellite Coverage

  1. Hi Jack & Barbara, We are enjoying your blog. Scotland looks beautiful. Love the puffins!
    Dale & Kim

  2. Jack — If I have this right, you will be going further north (80 degrees N latitude) on this journey than you could go south on your recent Antarctic voyage (76 degrees S latitude). What an amazing adventure! Wishing you and Barbara safe passage as you cruise to The Top of The World!

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