Sailing With Table 150 to the TOTW

    In the past few years, more and more cruise lines have embraced the “As You Wish” dining concept.  This gives passengers the leeway to select the times and as available, table location.  Unless you book a table with friends, or request a table for two, you could be seated with different people at every sitting.  Holland America still offers assigned tables and seating times.  With the exception of our first few cruises with NCL (Norwegian Cruise Clines), Barbara and I have always preferred assigned seating, this is our “As You Wish” choice.

     In most cases our preference has been quite enjoyable as we have been very fortunate to have interesting and accommodating table mates. Although the assignment is not “set in stone”, after a few meals together, it becomes more unsettling to change tables.  The easiest way would be to just change your dining time to late seating our just not show up.  On the Prinsendam there is the alternate Lido dining room, with basically the same menu as the La Fontane.  Another option, when sailing escorted, is to have your agent, in this case Alan, make the arrangements.  He can make the arrangements without hurting any feelings – he is a master at this.

     Such has not been the case with table One Fifty.  It is incredible how very compatible the eight of us have become, maybe it is because we are all from Washington State, I don’t know, we just enjoy each others company.  We are all pretty much the same age and with the exception of Paul and Sharon from Federal Way, retired.  Tor and Judy are retired teachers from Gig Harbor, and Fred and Nancy, are retired from Burlington Northern, and reside in Bothell, WA.  Our most common tie is that we are all “Traveling With Alan”, and have been traveling with him for years.  Paul and Sharon have their own insurance business but manage to take a cruise every seven months, and probably are our most experienced cruisers.  Usually in the beginning you meet folks who try to “one up” or impress you with the places they have been and the number of days they have sailed, not the case with our table.  Our interests are so diverse, that we never  fail to have enjoyable conversations.  There is also a lot of laughter at our table.  Paul is an avid collector of Sterling Silver, and last evening, in honor of my wearing my newly purchased Kilt to dinner, presented me with a large antique silver serving spoon.   This was just a loan of course, however it did make the French Onion Soup taste marvelous.Formal-Night---Kilt

      Last evening was our second formal night, and the theme and cuisine was the country of France, with the obligatory escargot being served around, with me being the exception of course.  Barbara had purchased me a Kilt and matching knee socks when we were at John O Gorats when we visited the Port of Scrabster, so I felt it was time to “put on a show”.  It was great fun seeing the “raised eyebrows” and “dropped mouths” as we entered the dining room.

     Well folks, I see we are getting into some interesting waters as we enter the Port of Reykjavik, Scotland, so I had better high tail it up on deck for our arrival.

Next: Reykjavik, Iceland and the Golden Circle Tour

5 thoughts on “Sailing With Table 150 to the TOTW

  1. Hi Barbara and Jack,
    We love following along on your adventures,
    and have sailed some of these ports and enjoyed them so much.
    We love your kilt…VERY CLASSY !!!

  2. Sound like you two are enjoying yourselves so much! Glad to hear that you have made friends with your table group…lol. Haven’t looked at all your posts, but all from August and hoping to check more of Julys!
    Love you both!
    Also, would you mind if Paul and I stayed at your house next weekend while we are in town for my 20 year reunion? The girls will stay with Stacie and Chris, but there still isn’t a whole lot of room at their place. 🙂

    Thanks Dad,
    xoxo your youngest daughter…Ana

  3. Oh PS…you and mom look wonderful in the picture of your second formal night! I like her dress and though I can’t see your kilt very well, I am sure you had some smiles when you walked in the room!

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