Welcome to Runavik, Faroe Islands

    Runavik,-Faroe-Islands-026 This morning before we entered the port of Runavik I was on deck to capture this glorious sunrise. shortly after, we were sailing through heavy fog.  Runavik is located on the island of Eysturoy which is the second largest island of the Faroes.  By the time we docked the fog started to lift and we had another beautiful day.  Since I let Barbara do all the research on the ports and countries we visit, I was not prepared for the beauty of these islands.


     The island have a wonderful system of roads built mainly along the coastlines, as the main industry here is fishing.









     Sheep were brought to these islands centuries ago by religious monks.   When the Vikings arrived there were so many sheep that hey named it “Sheep Island”.  As we rolled through the countryside it became apparent that these sheep had indeed taken over the island hills.  Several species of birds also summer there.  One such bird is the Oyster Catcher, though there was nothing in these islands to eat except worms.

Runavik,-Faroe-Islands-090 Runavik,-Faroe-Islands-096

Our ultimate destination was a medieval  farm house in Saksun, with it’s ““Grass Roof”.  The location was just breath taking, punctuated  by the village church and graveyard.

Runavik,-Faroe-Islands-109 Runavik,-Faroe-Islands-112

Basalt stream beds are filled with run off from the many waterfalls and make perfect ponds for the local geese.


Back on the ship, I had a leisurely afternoon, while Barbara tried to find open shops in the small community.  When we returned from our evening meal, we found our own animal waiting for us on our bed, thanks to Munir and Indah, our Indonesian room stewards. We have named him “Faroe”.


Tomorrow is our first sea day, so we will use it to recharge our physical batteries.

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One thought on “Welcome to Runavik, Faroe Islands

  1. Just incredible…I would love to visit there. Was it peaceful? What were the people like? Is it all sheep? I wonder if I’ll ever be able to visit? What a blessing you two, enjoy!!!

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