Preparation – Part II – Packing

     Ever since airlines started charging for second bags, and since that apparently turned in to a “cash cow”, for the first one as well, these increased charges were doable, but irritating.  Many wondered, “Why not just increase the cost of the fare and be done with it?” But the cash cow continued to be in place keeping the “bean counters” happy  – I suppose.  Many have wondered – “What’s next?” One really vexing problem this has created is the increase in the size and weight of bags that passengers are now attempting to bring onboard as “carry-on”, and most airlines seem to be looking the other way, as gate personnel are under pressure to avoid departure delays.   Pity the passengers who are the last few to board, as I have seen them patrolling the isles looking for an overhead space in which to stow their bag.  Not sure where  our seat assignments in row 21 will place us in this “rush for space” but that is just one another one of those things that make airline travel so “exciting”.

     Of course those who live in port cities or book long cruises in premium ($$$$$) staterooms never have to worry about such things. For the VIPs, cruise lines will arrange for one of the parcel shipping companies to pick up your luggage and ship it to the terminal, and return it to your home at the end of the cruise.  However, the vast majority of us just simply find a way to deal with this problem.  In 2007 after 64 days on the Amsterdam, we used Amtrak to get home from San Diego with ten pieces of “luggage”.  This seemed to work well and we considered it a nice extension of our cruise.  Barbara wasn’t too pleased with the roomette sleeping arrangements, but  that  is another story.

     Why do I dwell on this subject?  Because this time our travel agent (Travelwithalan) has booked his group’s round trip air transportation through Icelandic Airline. We were simply stunned when we read the following on Icelandic’s web site: Checked baggage  for Economy Class Passengers on “Transatlantic Flights/Piece Concept: (Europe to North America and return) two checked bags, not weighing more than 23kg (50lbs) each, total of the 3 dimensions (L+W+H) does not exceed 158cm (62in).” WHAT? Two fifty pound bags PER PERSON?  Thank you Alan and Icelandic Air!  Now we will be able to pack those clothes that HAL wants you to enrobe yourself  in for the “6 formal and 16 Smart Causal Nights”.

     When we started cruising and it was obvious that in the future this would be the way we drained our savings account, I prepared my packing list using Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet program.  I can now just adjust the quantities and type of clothing depending on the geographical location and length of the cruise.  Plus it gives me the ability to print out copies of the packing list for each bag – I am so brilliant!  (Barbara still uses “analog” while her husband is “digital”.)

     Since our last cruise was to a similar geographical area (Polar Region) my packing will be a breeze – when I get around to it.  (Barbara is starting today)  I now have TEN packing days until we depart – yep, I think I can handle that.

Next: Icelandic Air and the Night of the Long Flight

3 thoughts on “Preparation – Part II – Packing

  1. I would love to see pictures of you in the formal attire…what fun. I thought that stuff was only in the movies!

    1. You mean you didn’t see the one of me in my Tux and lava-lava on the 2007 trip? Oh you should see what some folks wear on formal night – looks lika a grand opening on Boradway

  2. Hi Shelly, Jack does clean up well. In his “formal attire” he looks real uptown. And of course Barbara looks wonderful all the time. At least I got to see that on one of the cruises we went with them. “No Tux for me”, said Johnie with the sound of a stuborn bull. And of course he didn’t, either. He was agreeable to wearing a tie, so I didn’t push it. Wish I was going with them.
    Love, June

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