Preparation – Part II – Packing

     Ever since airlines started charging for second bags, and since that apparently turned in to a “cash cow”, for the first one as well, these increased charges were doable, but irritating.  Many wondered, “Why not just increase the cost of the fare and be done with it?” But the cash cow continued to be in place keeping the “bean counters” happy  – I suppose.  Many have wondered – “What’s next?” One really vexing problem this has created is the increase in the size and weight of bags that passengers are now attempting to bring onboard as “carry-on”, and most airlines seem to be looking the other way, as gate personnel are under pressure to avoid departure delays.   Pity the passengers who are the last few to board, as I have seen them patrolling the isles looking for an overhead space in which to stow their bag.  Not sure where  our seat assignments in row 21 will place us in this “rush for space” but that is just one another one of those things that make airline travel so “exciting”. Continue reading “Preparation – Part II – Packing”