More Dreams Fulfilled

     When selecting where to spend our cruise dollars, we feel that we get more out of an adventure if the one we select is “escorted”. By escorted, I mean someone who represents the travel agency and travels with your group, ensuring all transportation connections are made in a timely manner, supervises shore excursions, and in general makes sure that any “bumps” in your travel experience are gently passed over. In  my previous post I spoke of “Alan’s Umbrella”, and he is a master of taking care of his people.

     Another such travel agency is Cruise Specialists, also headquartered in the Seattle area.  When Alan was unable to fulfill our dreams of traveling to Asia, Australia and Polynesia in 2007, Barbara started corresponding with a young travel agent with CS. And once again we found a company that we felt very comfortable with, In fact when it came time to live our Antarctic dream Cruise Specialists was there to hold our hands from the beginning, to the end.  To have this type of service, especially in the cruise industry is refreshing and worry free.  By the way, you will find both of these cruises by going back through my blogs of 2007 and 2009.

     Some folks feel that “there is nothing to do” on a ship and “I don’t want to be cooped up in some floating hotel with a bunch of other peopled I don’t even know.  To that I say” There is nothing that can take the place of the glow  on your loved ones face as she is pampered by the ships crew from the time she gets up until she goes to bed.  She has worked her whole life in loving service to her family, she never had a maid or a cook, or a cleaning service.  Now she has someone who makes her bed in the morning, tidies up her room while she is out, turns down her bed in the evening while she enjoys being served delicious meals in an elegant dining room, and entertained each evening in the main showroom.  She can attend lectures and craft demonstrations, or just dream about what new and exciting experiences await her and her life’s companion in the next port……..  

Grytviken South Georgia 039

….. or visit the Island Of South Georgia and visit the grave site of Sir Earnest Shackleton,  while gazing out over flocks of King Penguins and herds of Elephant Seals……..Now I’d call that quite a bit to do….”

Next up: It’s all in the preparation, plus a little cash.

2 thoughts on “More Dreams Fulfilled

  1. Good luck and enjoy the adventure. It only happens once in a lifetime. You two deserve to be on this great trip…Jim

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