Our Antarctic/South American Adventure – Part XXVI – Final

Sun, Mar 1st – Our Trip Home

Return to Reality

Callao,-Peru-Flag We were not required to leave the ship until 4 pm Saturday afternoon. Since H. Stern Jewelers were still offering their free shuttle service to Miraflores, we decided to take it into town and see if there was anything worth seeing. By the time we arrived, about 30 minutes later, we were so tired and “out of gas” that we decided to just get back on the bus and come back to the ship. But before we did that we walked out to the viewpoint over the elegant mall. There were still some vestiges of this area’s characteristic garur (fog) along the coast road on the way in, yet it had disappeared by our return. After going through some of the craft stalls on the pier, we were “scanned” onboard for the last time. The colors in the flag on the aft deck are those of the Netherlands.

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