Our Antarctic/South American Adventure – Part XIX

Thu, Feb 19th – Puerto Chacabuco, Chile

There is an old country and western song entitled “Some Days are Diamonds – Some Days are Stones”

Our visit to Puerto Chacabuco, Chile was another Diamond in our Grand Voyage charm bracelet.

Puerto-Chacabuco,-Glacial-W As we sailed down the fjord to our anchorage in the tiny port, the skies were grey and overcast, and at times it was raining. So after breakfast we bundled up in our foul weather gear packed our umbrellas and caught our tender to shore. The water in the port area was mocha in color and here and there was evidence that there had been heavy rains as scrub brush and small trees were floating about. We were a little late in arriving, but once again our skipper and crew shaved that down as they have so often done in previous ports. We are so fortunate to be sailing with them.

Puerto-Chacabuco,-Chile-022 Puerto-Chacabuco,-Rio-Simps Leaving the tender, we boarded our tour bus and headed out toward the interior and the capitol city of Coyhoique some 50 miles away. As we rolled through the beautiful countryside, our young guide, Michelle, entertained us with information about the country she so obviously loves. She is a senior at the University in Santiago, majoring in Linguistics and English Literature and had grown up in Coyhoique. One picture that I am going to include reminds me of the Conejos River Canyon in Colorado. By the time we arrived at Coyhoique the sun had come out and we were once again blessed with beautiful skies.  I think we have fallen in love with this beautiful friendly country.

Puerto-Chacabuco,-Coyhoique Puerto-Chacabuco,-La-Cascad I am going to let my pictures do the talking for this post as it is getting late and we have had a very long day.

Puerto-Chacabuco,-Snack  Puerto-Chacabuco,-Hanging-G On our return to the port we stopped by La Cascada Restaurant and “grazed” around a table of snack plates, wine, and Pisco Sours.  Our guide and driver also gave a photo stop at the Virgin Falls.

Puerto-Chacabuco,-Barbara-- Puerto-Chacabuco,-Virgin-Fa

Tomorrow is another port day at Puerto Montt, and we have another excursion scheduled… JWC

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