Our Antarctic Adventure – Part XVIII

Wed, Feb 18th – Darwin Channel & Chilean Fjords

Chilean-Fjords-Europa-Glaci We continued our way north through channels too numerous to mention. Our time out in the Pacific was exciting as we returned to the open seas for more rolling and pitching as we traveled pretty much parallel to the shore and rolling with the swells. The one part of being at sea I enjoy the most. I also enjoy seeing the beautiful colors of the Pacific.  The picture to the left is of the Europa Glacier.  We could go no further because of the ice floes that had recently calved off. Below is a waterfall near the glacier – note the color of the water which is influenced by glacial flower.

From the Navigator

Chilean-Fjords-waterfall “A nautical chart is a conventional graphic representation on a plane surface of a navigable portion of the earth. It shows the depth of water by numerous soundings and depth contours, the shoreline of adjacent land, dangers, landmarks and other information of interest to navigators. It is designed as a work sheet on which courses can be plotted and positions ascertained. The nautical chart is one of the most essential and reliable aids available to the navigator. Every week the navigator receives all the updates and corrects his charts accordingly.”

Chilean-Fjords-pacific-ocea During the night we will once again be sailing out into the Pacific in order to enter the Darwin Channel and our ultimate destination; Puerto Chacabuco, Chile.

Here are some scenes we observed today:

The Pacific from our stateroom window.


Chilean-Fjords-penguin-poin  Chilean-Fjords-blue-sky-and

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