Our Antarctic Adventure – Part XVII

Tues, Feb 17th – Channel Sarmiento and Amalia Glacier

Zodiac-zoomin-to-Prinsendam Since today is a day of cruising through the Chilean Fjords there isn’t much going on so there is really nothing to report on. Yesterday we received this beautiful picture from our friend Zee as they approached the Prinsendam from on their two Zodiac boats while we visited Palmer Station.

From our Daily Program

“While sailing these beautiful waters, we will travel the Sarmiento Channel, one of the principal Patagonia channels, which extends in a north-south direction. It is the southward continuation of the Angostura Gula and is located in Magallenes y Antarctica region Chilena region”.

Chilean-Fjords-Masgellean-S Barbara and I spent the entire day “camped out” in the Crow’s Nest. As we sailed up the channel, we experienced a different weather pattern. Heavy rain and dark overcast clouds were ever present. As we would pass out of the lea of an island to our port (Westward) it was like we had entered a wind tunnel. Then we would occasionally be pelted by heavy rains. The shipwreck pictured here happened during the ships maiden voyage through this channel and reported was due to a dispute between the ship’s Captain, the Chilean pilot, and a misinterpretation of what was thought to be a command by the helmsman.

Chilean-Fjords-shipwreck Our visits to the two glaciers; the “Skua” in Amalia Sound around dinner time, and the Bruhos just after the early show were both difficult to photograph because of low clouds and fog. It was difficult to go on deck to take photos because of the wind and rain, but we did okay.

Tomorrow it is more of the same, with a brief foray into the pacific… JWC

One thought on “Our Antarctic Adventure – Part XVII

  1. Hi, Thought I would let you know what is happening at church. Last night at Bible Study, Tim said Jess Elder was taken to the Unv. Hospital. He fell the other day and was in hospital with pneumonia. Dr. found out Jess has fluid on the brain. They have to wait a few days and then put a shunt in. Dr. said that would help him keep his balance. Lu is staying with Betty at this time. Don’t know if Chris keeps you posted on what is going on at Church or not. Enjoy your messages of your trip. Hope you have good weather from now on. Verna

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