Our Antarctic Adventure – Part VII

Friday, Feb 6th – At Sea Southern Atlantic

On Sunday the ms Prinsendam, weather permitting, is scheduled to make a rare and probably Holland Americas final call on South Georgia Island. Being virtually unspoiled, our visit must respect and maintain its wild nature. There are several regulations that the ship must observe to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. All future cruise ships must have less than 500 passengers on future visits. The Prinsendam is the smallest of HALS Fleet with a passenger capacity of over 700.

All Prinsendam passengers have been required to fill out a form to be able to go ashore. Barbara and I have signed up for a 2 to 3 hour free walking excursion that will include a visit to the grave site of Sir Ernest Shakleton. According to information provided by the South Georgia Government, our clothing and shoes will be rigorously inspected and cleaned of all foreign debris when we reach shore, including the scrubbing of our shoes and boots.

Today was another lazy sea day. However once again we were exposed to excessive amounts of FOOD! Of course we can all chalk up the shrinking of our clothes to their exposure to salt-sea air. I got this straight from our cruise director tonight.

This evening the ship public areas were decorated in a Winter Wonderland Theme, complete with paper penguins everywhere. The dining room staff was all dressed in sequined covered tuxedo jackets and bow ties. The food continues to be excellent, with the main entre tonight being baked lobster tail, and my favorite; French Onion Soup. Showtime featured “Your Three Tenors”


Here are two more pictures from our visit to the Falkland Islands yesterday. On the left if a Gentoo and on the right is a King – both are on the beautiful beach   JWC

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