Our Antarctic Adventure – Preparation – Part I

“Make All Preparations for Getting Under Weigh”

100 Day Mariner Medalian

When Barbara and I got hooked on cruising back in the spring of 2005, we started dreaming – dreaming of future cruises and counting our pennies.  Of course the ultimate dream for a “hardened” cruiser is a Grand World Voyage. However these cruises, which are over 100 days, are quite pricy, even for the cheapest inside “bilge” cabins.  Soon we were on mailing lists and the cruising “juices” really started flowing as we learned of the many possibilities. As we researched the possibilities, we came to the conclusion that some of these “extended” cruises were within our reach.  As time went by and we reached the “hundred-days” of cruising mark, we sort of became “snobbish” and were turning our noses up at anything under 14 days.  For our pocket book this meant were we just about limited to one cruise a year.

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