My Antarctic Adventure – Part IV

Summer at Hallett – Copyright 1999 – Jack W. Cummings

Emperor Penguins at Hallett Hallett Station was established in March 1957 as one of the original International Geophysical Year (IGY) stations. The station was located on the Antarctic coast at 72 deg 19’S, 170 deg 13’E. The station, operated jointly by the United States and New Zealand until a March 6, 1964 fire destroyed the main scientific building, was occupied by U.S. Scientists who conducted biological research during the austral summer months from 1965 to 1973. The station provided communications and weather reporting for the air route between Christchurch, New Zealand and McMurdo Station, Antarctica. In addition, it served as an alternate landing field when Williams Field in McMurdo Sound was closed. Since the station’s closure in 1973, the United States and New Zealand have attempted to reclaim the approximately 22.2 hectare-site to the original pristine environment. Buildings, equipment and rubbish have been successfully removed.·

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