Treasures of Scandinavia & Russia

Sailing the Baltic Sea – Arriving Arhus, Denmark

Friday July 25, 2008

A quick update – will publish a more detailed blog – when I have time.

Today we will enter the Danish City of Arhus. This cruise has been so “port” intensive that there is so little time left for relaxing and writing this blog. But I just wanted to report that all is well and we have had fantastic weather. What beautiful places we have visited.

One thought on “Treasures of Scandinavia & Russia

  1. Love you both…thanks for all the blogging! Joni and I just realized today that this is where you are posting we are retarded and totally forgot! I just got a chance to read some of the blogs…my eyes are sleepy though so I will catch up more later!
    As far as I know everything is good with everyone here in the states!
    My triathlon was last Sunday…it was GREAT! I am addicted and already looking for another one to train for!
    Love and miss you both!!!!

    Ana and the girls

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