Camp David Jr. – Church Family Camp

This past Memorial Day Weekend, our church celebrated its 27th annual Church Family Camp with 97 registered campers.

Our son Christopher Cummings did an outstanding job as Camp Director, with his brother Jonathan directing camp activities. Jon put together a very ambitious plan, based on the popular TV series “Survivor”.

The campers were formed into teams based on the meal that they were charged with preparing and serving. Points were awarded based on performance, not only in meal preparation, but in the performance by individual team members. Although the competition was intense, a great time was had by all. A running tally of points earned was kept by Jon with standings announced at general meetings throughout the weekend.

Pastor Tim and Chris had put together an outstanding study guide for daily devotionals.

The weather cooperated with three days of sunshine, and a few light sprinkles on Monday morning during camp clean-up. Our church always receives high marks from the Camp Ranger, as procedures spelled out by the camp policies has always set our standard for cleanliness.

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