Cruise Report # Twenty-Five– Day 42 – Friday, November 2, 2007

At Sea, Transiting Torres Strait, North of Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia

From the Ships Navigator

Today we will sail on different courses through the Torres Strait on our way to Cairns, Australia. The weather forecast calls for an outside temperature of 82 degrees and a fresh breeze blowing from the east-southeast with a force of 5. Ho Hum, the weather is getting to be a drag, give me some of that good ole rock and roll.

Today we wish our daughter and new mother (2nd child), Ana, a very happy birthday. I won’t reveal her age but she was a child of the 70s. Her sisters and brothers, three nieces and one nephew joined her, Jayden, and Alexis in our home last weekend to celebrate the arrival of our newest family member; Alexis Grace Strickland. “Pictures at 11”. (When we get home)

Entertainment on board the ms Amsterdam

We have been truly impressed with the variety of entertainment the ship has provided thus far;
A troupe of young singers and dancers do an excellent job in their presentations of Broadway type musicals, with an occasional encore performance. These performances usually include high energy singing and professionally costumed and choreographed dancing. The sound system in their performance venue, The Queen’s Lounge, is first rate.
On the nights they are not performing, a parade of individual professional performers backed up by a five piece exceedingly competent ms Amsterdam Orchestra; piano player/director, sax/flute player, keyboard and two electric guitarists entertain us.
Tonight we are looking forward to “Laughter and song with Geraldine Doyle.” We were entertained by the exceedingly entertaining wit and comedy of “Ireland’s Queen of Comedy” last year when we sailed on the ms Statendam. The other evening two Australian brothers and their wives billed as “Black Tie” entertained us with classical selections of singing accompanied by piano and cello. After that Tenor Banjoist Jim Coston wowed us with his talented picking. All single acts seem to come on board for two evening performances, and then leave the ship at the next port. Many acts travel from ships to ship as they tour. “Black Tie” has been entertaining on cruise ships for over 20 years, and will probably leave us in Sydney.
The Crow’s Nest ensemble “Nice and Easy” performs nice and easy “standards” for dancing for an hour three times a day.
The Station Band in the Ocean Bar, also plays and vocalizes three times a day as well, they feature a male vocalist that can sound just like a woman. He has an outstanding voice.
“Moonlight Strings” a trio of violinists; father, son and a friend serve up beautiful music in the Explorers Lounge twice nightly. Their first set plays to the late dinner crowd.
Romeo Irabagon invites passengers down memory lane playing the piano and singing twice nightly in the Rembrandt Lounge.
Then for the late, late night party crowd, the Crow’s Nest DJ takes musical requests.
Strolling back from dinner each evening is like walking down a street of music as we pause to enjoy the different venues. Then we head for the Queens Lounge for the evening show.

Tonight we are sailing on a northeasterly course as we avoid the shallow reefs in waters that separate Australia’s Cape York Peninsula from New Guinea. Sometime during the night we will turn on a south-southeasterly course as we enter the famous Coral Sea, and sail along the outer reaches of the Great Barrier Reef towards Cairns, our next port of call.

Until then, we bid you adieu from “Down Under”

Jack and Barbara

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